Photovoltaic system on the roof of Hotel Schani Wien
Our Environmental Concept

How we protect our environment

Because Nature Is Close To Our Hearts

At the Schani Hotels we feel committed not only to our guests, but also to our environment. In order to preserve a livable and healthy environment for future generations, we have implemented extensive sustainability measures in our hotels. We are actively working on and involving our guests into those measures.

The results: we have already managed to cut our energy use by up to 41 % compared to comparable hotels. Energy-efficient construction, modern induction technologies for heating and ventilation and many other measures that we implement every day contribute to our goals. But that’s not enough for us! That’s why we are always looking for smart new measures that will help us to make our hotels even more sustainable.

Our measures to protect the environment

Limiting of energy and water consumption

We use energy-saving LED lighting in our hotels and water our garden only with rainwater. That way we support the natural water cycle. We have installed flow regulators on all bathroom fixtures that reduce the flow of water, saving energy and water. You won’t find a minibar or telephone in our rooms, because these devices eat up a lot of energy. And let‘s be honest: a cool drink tastes better at the bar anyways, right?


We have already been able to minimize our energy and water consumption significantly. By the way: we are using smart technologies which collect data on energy and water consumption and use it to optimize our measures.

Bird's eye view of Schani's garden, an urban jungle in the middle of Vienna
The Results

What we have achieved with our measures

The result of these sustainability measures is definitely something to be proud of. We were able to reduce our energy consumption by up to 41 % compared to similar hotels. But we are sure: there is still more to be done! That’s why we are not only working on our own sustainability projects but also support those of our partners.

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