Etagere with chocolate and blueberry muffins
Enjoy Your Meal And Cheers!

Always something good to enjoy

Austrian cuisine has a good reputation and rightly so. Try for yourself: from a hearty breakfast with aromatic Viennese coffee to a tasty snack like Sacherwürstel sausage with mustard and horseradish to classics such as Wiener Schnitzel, which you will be served at the highest standards all over the city. We recommend rounding off the day with one or more of our perfect mixed drinks at Schani’s Bar – all the way up to a tasty “Absacker”*. Cheers!


*Absacker: last drink

Set breakfast table with coffee, tea, pancakes, vegetables and rolls
Every Morning Is A Good Morning

This is how we enjoy breakfast at Hotel Schani Wien

We Viennese love breakfast and like to take our time over it – that’s why we really celebrate breakfast at Hotel Schani Wien. Of course, with freshly brewed, aromatic coffee, at best the Viennese roast by Julius Meinl.Our hearty buffet with fresh, regional products and fresh rolls sweetens the first few hours of your day. Fresh fruit and vegetables, but also organic jams and egg, spicy sausage and cheese varieties, sweets and hearty foods – simply spoil yourself. Please take a good helping!

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A smiling woman sitting at Schani's bar
Waiter, Please!

The Viennese coffeehouse at Hotel Schani Wien

In Vienna you can order anything except simply “a coffee” – there are way too many different specialties to do that: from the Melange* to the Großer Brauner* to the Einspanner*. Viennese coffeehouse culture has been given intangible cultural heritage status by UNESCO, which surprises no one. Anyway, we have brought the unique flair of the Viennese coffeehouse to our hotel: with classic Thonet chairs and marble tables – we haven’t even forgotten the wooden newspaper holders. Our Living Room is a place to meet people from all over the world, just like the famous cafés of the Inner City.

* coffee with hot milk, double espresso with a shot of milk, espresso topped with whipped cream

Wine glasses with white wine at the bar in hotel Schani Wien
Schani's Bar

Turn the night into day

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Guests sit in Schani's garden, the green oasis in the middle of Vienna
Schani's Garden

Green oasis in the heart of Vienna

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