Schani's garden, a green oasis in the middle of the city from the bird's eye view
We Schanis Like To Laugh

But we take sustainability seriously

The Evironment Is Close To Our Hearts

Why are the people at the Hotel Schani so dedicated to sustainability? Because we love nature – and we also love our children. As a result, we see it as our responsibility that both the young and the old can enjoy a liveable environment. Reason enough to always consider new, smarter measures and introduce them consistently.

Exterior view of Schani's Rooftop Event Spaces with terrace

The environment notices what we do – in every way

The environment notices what we do – in every way The Austrian and European Ecolabels help us prove our ecological footprint to everyone and give our guests a hint about the criteria that have played a major role in our hotel from its beginnings. The most important objectives in our environmental concept are the limitation of energy and water consumption, as well as the cutting of waste, a noticeable reduction in CO2 emissions and the preferred use of renewable energy sources.

You can find out about specific measures here
Labelled light switch on a yellow wall

Let’s save our valuable resources!

For us Schanis, it begins with the smallest things: we buy environmentally friendly, regional products, such as drinks in reusable bottles or organic Fairtrade food, whenever we can. However, we also train our staff in environmentally friendly behaviour to ensure they live by this credo. Not only this, but we use renewable energy for electricity, heating, and cooling thanks to sustainable district heating, district cooling and induction technology as part of more extensive measures that make our hotel so sustainable. And there is one thing we already know for sure: this will be continued!

Set breakfast table with coffee, tea, pancakes, vegetables and rolls

Our suppliers matter

Sustainability is the key here, too – aside from the high quality standards we set for our suppliers. This starts with the selection of fresh, regional, organic products for breakfast and our snacks and ranges to Fairtrade bedding for our comfortable beds. Just so you can put your mind at ease and sleep with a clear conscience.

Man and woman sitting and reading in pergola in Schani's garden

Let’s think more green!

We will not clean your room every day because of our love for the environment. Instead, we will donate 1 euro to an ecological project carried out by turn to zero each time we do not make up your room.

Do you still want your room to be cleaned? Just give us a heads up at the check-in or put the green sign on the door handle outside your room before 11:00 am. Our cleaning service is free of charge, of course.

Photovoltaic system on the roof of the Hotel Schani Vienna
Our Measures

How we save up to 41 % energy

Would you like to know why there is no mini bar in your room? Well, these little fridge monsters consume an incredible amount of energy. Instead, you can get a nicely chilled drink at our bar at any time. Or two or more…

However, not all of our energy-saving hacks are that simple. There is a lot of technology behind most of them. For instance, our rooms are heated and cooled with novel induction technology. The use of district heating and cooling reduces CO₂ emissions significantly and we do not even waste rainwater. Instead, we let it seep into the soil and use it to irrigate our garden.

It is only natural that we mainly use LED technology and provide charging stations for electric cars. But what counts is the overall result – and this is something to be seen: we have managed to cut our energy use by up to 41 % in comparison to conventional hotels of a similar size.