Side view of the cut-out of a side sleeper sofa in front of a big double bed in a light-flooded room
From Cosmetics To Bed Linen

Environmentally friendly hotel rooms

Good For The Environment And For You

We have managed to reduce energy and water use in our rooms significantly with both many small and large measures. Of course, without limiting the comfort for our guests.

Quite the opposite, in fact – we make sure that our guests can go to sleep with a clear conscience thanks to our environmentally friendly care products, as well as towels and bed linen made from fair-trade organic cotton.

In Our Rooms

Our sustainability measures

Limiting energy consumption

Are you wondering why there is no minibar in your room? Because these little refrigerator monsters eat up an incredible amount of energy. In the long run, we also avoid a lot of electronic waste. But, of course, you don’t need to remain thirsty! You can always get a cool drink at our hotel bar. Or several.


All in all, we have managed to cut energy consumption by up to 41 % compared to conventional hotels.

Unmade bed with Fairtrade bedding at Hotel Schani Wien
Refillable soap and body lotion at Hotel Schani Wien
Achieving More Together

How you can help

You can contribute to our sustainability drive before even arriving in Vienna. You don’t need to pack your small, travel-sized cosmetics: instead, simply use our refillable Schani cosmetics and help us reduce the use of single-use plastics. Added bonus: your luggage will be a few grams lighter.

Do you want to help us to save resources and water, too? Then, please hang up your towels after showering and use them a second time.

At Hotel Schani Wien, you also have the opportunity to support a major environmental project by making a small sacrifice. For every day we don’t clean your room, we donate to a good cause.