View of a deliciously laid breakfast table at the Bio-Hotel Schani Wienblick
From Bread To Coffee

Sustainable food and drink

Our Suppliers Matter

We love good food! What we don't like at all, however, are long transport routes and unfair delivery conditions. That's why we rely mainly on organic and regional products for breakfast at our hotels. That tastes good to us, as well as to the environment.

Food And Drink

Our sustainability measures

Organic products

Quality instead of quantity – at our breakfast buffets we offer a selection of seasonal products of organic quality. We are particularly proud of the organic certification we have received for our breakfast at Hotel Schani Salon and Bio-Hotel Schani Wienblick, where 100 % of the products come from organic sources.


We also pay attention to fair conditions with our suppliers and service providers. Hot drinks such as coffee, tea and cocoa are FAIRTRADE. That makes them taste even better, doesn't it?

Fertilizing the garden at Hotel Schani Wien
Open worm box at Hotel Schani Wien
Achieving More Together

How you can help

We love our breakfast buffet and can never get enough ourselves. Nevertheless, we believe it’s always better to go to the buffet more often than to let half-full plates go back to the kitchen. That way you can help us waste less food.

By the way, you will always find plant-based products at our breakfast buffet. The perfect opportunity to try vegan alternatives.

Before you really start your day, fill up you water bottle at our Bassena or in your room. The best Viennese spring water, which is known for its excellent quality, flows through our pipes. This saves you money and the environment faces less plastic waste.