Exterior view of Schani's Rooftop Event Spaces with terrace at sunset
May We Introduce Ourselves?

We are the Schanis

What Is A Schani?

“Schani” is a typically Viennese term and basically means waiter. However, the name also stands figuratively for everything the Schani hotels represent – warmth, Viennese charm, and hospitality. Come and see it for yourself: our Schanis will anticipate your wishes and those of the other guests, too.

Woman at self check-in in the lobby at Hotel Schani Wien
Schani And Schanita

The good spirit of the house

The Schani is the good spirit of the hotel. The Schani will always appear where needed and lead you through the hotel – including an extra helping of Viennese charm. Our Schanis know the city like the back of their hands and will, thus, give you valuable insider tips or tell you the odd legend or story. By the way, the Schani’s female counterpart is Johanna – also known as Schanettl or Schanerl in Viennese dialect. We simply call her Schanita!

Benedikt, CEO & Co-Founder


CEO & Co-Founder

Favourite place at the Schani Hotels:

The conservatory at Bio-Hotel Schani Wienblick, where Benedikt can enjoy a wonderful view of his home city. 


Find him in his spare time:

Right next to Bio-Hotel Schani Wienblick on a walk through the grounds of the Steinhof to the Otto Wagner Church with its unmistakeable gold dome.


Known for:

His passion for cooking. Whether a traditional Austrian dish or Mediterranean treat – the one thing they all have in common is lots of garlic!

Our team

The faces behind Schani

  • Benedikt, CEO & Co-Founder


    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Co-Founder Alexander


  • Markus, Managing Director


    Managing Director
  • Group Manager Systems & Integrations, Christian


    Group Manager Systems & Integrations
  • Juliette Komarek, Event & Marketing and Sustainability and New Technologies


    Group Manager Corporate Sustainability
  • Krisztina, Business Development Manager


    Business Development Manager
  • Stephanie, Group Manager Operations


    Group Manager Operations
  • Susanne, Group Manager Revenue & Distribution


    Group Manager Revenue & Distribution
  • Michelle, Resident Manager | Hotel Schani Wien


    Resident Manager | Hotel Schani Wien
  • Anna, Junior Resident Manager at Hotel Schani Salon


    Junior Resident Manager | Hotel Schani Salon
  • Alexander, General Manager at Hotel Schani UNO City


    General Manager | Hotel Schani UNO City
Bartender mixing a drink at the bar in Hotel Schani Salon
Where The Name Came From

The Schani sets up the beer garden

Maybe you have already visited a cosy Viennese Schanigarten and enjoyed a glass of wine – but do you know where the name comes from? Well, in the 19th century it was mainly the most junior employee of a restaurant or inn who was called by this name – and he was usually the one sent outside to organise the seating arrangements for the guests.


However, Schani is also an affectionate form of Johann: even the famous Viennese composer Johann Strauss was called Schani by his family. His most popular work is probably the famous waltz “An der schönen blauen Donau”, commonly known as The Blue Danube, which is considered Austria’s unofficial anthem and is broadcast live around the world from the Wiener Musikverein every New Year.