Schani's garden, a green oasis in the middle of the city from the bird's eye view
A Small Sacrifice Wih A Big Impact

Our donation for a good cause

Clean Environment Instead Of Daily Cleaning

Every time we clean a room we use a lot of energy and water. That’s why we only clean your room during your stay upon request out of our love for the environment.

Not only this, but we donate 1 € for every day a room is not cleaned to an environment project by turn to zero. That way we not only protect nature but collect money for a good cause.

February 2024

At the reception

If you want to you can tell us during check-in that your room needs cleaning throughout your stay. This service is, of course, free-of-charge.

On the room door

Should you decide your room needs cleaning more spontaneously, then please hang the sign outside the room on the door handle by 11:00 am. Our housekeeping team will do the cleaning on the same day, free-of-charge.

We thereby save our environment daily

  • 8 litres of water

  • 16 Kg CO₂

  • 0,1 Kwh electricity

Bed with white bed linen in a room at Hotel Schani Wien
Turn To Zero

Support for climate protection projects

The organization “turn to zero” has set itself the goals of reducing CO₂ emissions, raising awareness and supporting global climate protection projects. The organization has been promoting worldwide climate protection projects and has been helping companies direct to the donations they have collected to environmental schemes since 2013.  


This is how it works at Hotel Schani Wien: every day you request that your room is not cleaned means we donate 1 € to a project that gives about 50,000 people in Uganda access to clean drinking water. The UV measuring device "WADI" lets them know when the bottled water from lakes or rivers has been completely disinfected by the sun's rays and is safe to drink. 

About turn to zero and the project
People in Uganda are explained the UV measuring device for clean drinking water
UV measuring device for the desinfection of water