Man relaxing in his hotel room at the Boutique Hotel Schani Salon in the centre of Vienna

Smart rooms in Hotel Schani Salon

You can recharge you batteries in our 24 Smart Salon rooms after a busy shopping expedition. Get your inspiration from the artists of the period. Gustav Klimt, Otto Wagner, Egon Schiele or the psychologist Sigmund Freud. We bring the Jugenstil (Viennese Art Nouveau)  of Mariahilfer Straße to the here and now and you can dive into the world of the greatest thinkers and poets of the fin de Siècle.  La Belle Époque in a hotel in 1070 Vienna, right up close, cutting edge.

Bright room with a large window in the boutique Hotel Schani Salon in central vienna
The View Of The Shopping Boulevard

Smart Street Room

Bright Smart Atrium room at Hotel Schani Salon in central vienna
The View Of The Courtyard

Smart Atrium Room

Bed and sofa in room Smart Atelier in Hotel Schani Salon in central vienna
Space To Unfold

Smart Atelier Room

Direct Booking Benefits

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Bottle of water upon your arrival

Have a refreshing drink when you arrive. We will treat you to a large bottle of Römerquelle mineral water. You will find it in your room after you walk in.